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Cardboard Waste Recycling Southport

Paper and cardboard recycling is critical for both economic and environmental reasons: the more paper that is recycled, the less newly cut wood is required for paper manufacture. To ensure that your company’s cardboard waste is in the right hands and recycled properly, contact Southport Waste. We are dedicated to ensuring the survival of our planet through recycling and helping all kinds of businesses uphold their Duty of Care. Call us on  01704 360 170 to learn more about our services and what we can do to help your businesses remain green.

On top of the excellent customer service we provide, we will also give free bins and deliver them to you for free. We also provide a waste audit so you have an idea of how much waste your business produces and whether or not you could reduce the amount to cut costs.

What is Cardboard Recycling?

Recycling cardboard involves reprocessing and reusing thick sheets or thick multilayered papers that have been used, abandoned, or deemed waste. Often, cardboard boxes are made of heavy-duty or thick sheets of paper that are known for their strength and durability. A cardboard box can be anything from an egg carton to a shoe box to a packaging box carrying large appliances like TVs and fridges.

An effective cardboard baler can help you reduce cardboard waste and manage it efficiently. It is easy to operate a baler, which can create compact bales that take up little space. Vertical balers are appropriate for organizations with lesser amounts of cardboard waste to manage, such as restaurants, stores, and supermarkets. Horizontal balers are ideally suited for large-scale industrial and distribution operations that deal with large amounts of cardboard waste.

How is Cardboard Recycled?

Recycling cardboard waste can be less expensive than dumping it in a landfill since it avoids the fees associated with landfill waste. It’s usually charged per tonne, although it could also be dependent on other metrics, such as the number of bags or sacks it fills. We work with you to determine the best pickup frequency for your cardboard waste based on your company’s needs. We can take up cardboard waste on a daily, weekly, monthly, or as-needed basis.The process of recycling cardboard is very similar to that of paper recycling and the process is as follows:


Cardboard recycling begins with collection. The collection times are entirely dependent on you. We just show up whenever you need us to. We’ll then transport the waste to recycling plants where it will begin the recycling process.


In the recycling center, the cardboard waste is separated by materials based on their makeup. The most common classifications are corrugated cardboard and boxboard. A boxboard is a thin piece of cardboard, such as an outer carton for a drink container or cereal box whereas a corrugated cardboard is the one used for heavier packages or to store the boxboards.

Shredding and Pulping

After sorting, the next process is shredding, which is followed by pulping. The cardboard paper fibers are broken down into minute fragments by shredding. After the material has been finely shredded into small pieces, it is combined with water and chemicals to break down the paper fibers, resulting in a pulp.


The pulp is then filtered thoroughly to remove any foreign elements as well as contaminants such as threads, tape, or glue. De-inking entails placing the pulp in a flotation device that uses chemicals to remove any dyes or ink through a succession of filtering and screening steps.


When the pulp is cleaned, it is diluted with water and then mixed with a smaller amount of the papermaking components. The resulting paper is made into new boxes, egg cartons, papers, and other paper and cardboard items.

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