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Glass Waste Recycling Southport

Our collection services collect and dispose of glass waste from construction companies to hotel chains throughout Southport. No matter how big or small your company is or what type of industry it falls under, we will collect your glass waste and ensure that it is recycled. Your glass waste management by Southport ensures that your waste is always recovered and disposed of in eco-friendly ways. All you have to do is give us a call on 01704 360 170.

Our entire waste management solutions help businesses save money by reducing waste and increasing efficiency. We also give you the option to schedule your own collection times for your convenience. We’ll also provide you with free bins and drop them off at your location at no extra charge. Don’t hesitate to give us a call.

How is Glass Waste Managed?

Glass waste management is one of the best ways companies can save money with waste.  It involves glass waste disposal, reduction and recycling. We all know that disposing of glass could not only be potentially costly for your company, but it can also pose a health and safety risk. Glass waste should not be disposed of in a regular waste bin with other general wastes. Fortunately, our commercial glass recycling comes into play in this situation.

We offer a full glass recycling service at Southport Waste, making glass waste recycling and disposal more inexpensive and efficient. A wide range of businesses generate glass waste one or the other and they all need glass waste management solutions. All bars, clubs, taverns, and restaurants can benefit from glass recycling. Additionally, building and construction businesses, as well as party planning and event companies could all benefit from our glass waste recycling programme. Furthermore, recycling can save businesses money on waste disposal costs since recycling is usually significantly cheaper than sending waste to a landfill or other disposal method.

Glass Recycling Southport

When storing your glass waste in your premises ensures that it is mostly clean or free of other contaminants such as food. This can be possible with glass waste segregation which means storing your glass waste in separate wheelie bins.  However, you do not need to separate your glass waste by colour, that can be done at the recycling centres.

When the time for collection comes, glass is collected from your premises and transported to our recycling centres. The glass waste will also be inspected for contamination and hazardous materials that might have made their way through your glass waste. 

At the recycling facilities, the glass waste will go through the first stage of recycling which is sorting. The sorting allows recyclers to separate the glass according to its type and also helps look out for further contaminants. Ceramics, Pyrex, metal cans, light bulbs, cardboard, window frames, and mirrors are all common pollutants. Non-brown glass, which is batch processed late, is sorted out at the remaining stations.

After this follows the glass waste crushing stage. 24 forearm-sized hammers rotate swiftly around an axle, shattering the glass into coarse bits for later optical sorting. When necessary, a gentle water mist is used to manage airborne particles. Broken glass particles are separated into 3/8” and 3/4” pieces using a revolving screen. The paper labels that break free while breaking through the trommel are propelled into a paper recycling bin by fans.

Corks, caps, lids, and incorrect labels are gathered and recycled because they don’t shatter and can’t fit through the screens. Glass that has been dried and cleaned is screened to remove certain sizes. Different sizes of screens are rapidly adjusted to meet the needs of different consumers. Fiberglass manufacture, for example, needs all particles to be 12 mesh or smaller.

Finally, the product that comes out of this process is called the cullet and will be melted and blown into the desired shape of the material that will be made out of it. For example, glass jars and bottles. 

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