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We can help you deal with a whole range of waste types, including healthcare waste. If you need a service you can rely on to help you deal with healthcare or clinical waste, we are here to offer you a local solution. Just call our friendly team today.

Southport Waste Management is at the forefront of innovations in the area of sharps disposals. We recognised that sharps containers were being unnecessarily incinerated along with their contents, and we felt there had to be a more efficient and environmentally friendly approach to manage their collection and disposal.

The end result of this analysis is a unique family of pre-assembled and re-useable sharps containers. Ranging from two to 50 litres in size, these pioneering low cost containers could save the NHS 15 million if they were adopted nationwide. Also as hugely reducing the need for plastics (thereby lowering environmental pollution amounts), our robust sharps containers are fitted with RDF computer chips, enabling them to be tracked from first collection through to final disposal. They comply with all the applicable UN and BS certifications, meeting and exceeding infection control standards, and they’re supplied fully assembled with a unique temporary closure procedure incorporated into each carrying handle.


Our specialised vehicles and highly-trained staff members bring each fully-procured sharps container back to one of our specialist processing centres, where washing takes place in accordance with the recognised cleaning regular HTM 20/30 — approved by infection control sections nationwide. A colour-coded segregation system with distinctively-sized apertures enables customers to instantly identify which bin is for unique products:

*Yellow chutes are for non-segregated sharps waste

*Green chutes are for sharp glass products waste.

We provide sharps bins for all waste streams including:

*Hazardous sharps

*Non-dangerous sharps

Anything sharp that has or could pierced skin needs to be put into the correct type sharps bin.

We can advise you if you’re not sure what kind of sharps bin you desire. Below are a few example of items which would be required to be disposed of in the correct Sharps container:



*Stitch cutters

*Glass ampoules

*Sharp devices

*Shards of bone and teeth



Your Sharps waste needs to be disposed of in a committed sharps bin of the right size which we will give you as part of your contract. From there it is reycled or incinerated or depending on the individual waste stream.

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