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WEEE Waste Management Southport

We seek to create economic and ecological sense through closed-loop sustainable supply and manufacturing processes, which is especially important for businesses that promote environmental sustainability and place a value on resource conservation and waste management. A closed loop strategy is the goal for those businesses. If this sounds like your business and you are in need of WEEE waste management in Southport, give us a ring on 01704 360 170.

We are fully certified to handle WEEE waste for all kinds of businesses. Our WEEE Waste management services include collection, safe and compliant transportation, as well as recycling and other WEEE disposal methods.

What is WEEE Waste Management?

WEEE waste management is a specialized field within the waste and recycling business. It is a rapidly growing sub-sector, thanks in large part to the WEEE Regulations 2006, which implemented the original WEEE Directive in the UK, together with the accompanying requirements for WEEE recovery, reuse, recycling, and treatment. Depending on the type of WEEE and the technology applied, how WEEE is actually treated varies greatly. There are some treatment facilities that use large-scale shredding technologies, while others use manual or automated disassembly processes.

WEEE Waste can also be classified as hazardous waste due to the fact that some weee items contain traces of hazardous materials with tem. When disposed of irresponsibly, these items have the ability to inflict harm on humans, the environment, water drinking systems and our animals. That is why , like hazardous waste disposal, it is also riddled with stringent regulations, rules and laws.

Categories of WEEE Waste

So far, WEEE waste are broken down into ten categories, namely:

  1. Large household appliances such as  fridge or washing machines
  2. Small household appliances such as hoovers or kettles
  3. IT and telecommunications equipment such computers or telephones
  4. Consumer equipment such as TV’s or radios
  5. Lighting equipment such as tubes and lamps
  6. Electrical and electronic tools such as drills or saws
  7. Toys, leisure and sports equipment such as gaming or exercise equipment
  8. Medical devices from hospitals or doctors
  9. Monitoring and control equipment such as heating controls or smoke detectors.
  10. Automatic dispensers such as snack and hot drinks dispensers

WEEE Waste Disposal Methods Southport

Chemicals that are detrimental to the environment are present in all electrical waste. When WEEE is simply deposited in landfills, the products decompose over time, releasing poisons into the environment and our water systems. Toxins may enter our food chain and, ultimately, into our bodies as a result of this. Furthermore, all businesses and government entities across Europe are required by law to properly dispose of their electrical waste, and failure to do so can result in a hefty £5,000 fine, closure of your business or even jail.

Metal, glass, plastic, precious metals, arsenic, lead, and mercury are among the components found in most electrical waste. Because of the complex and toxic mix of components, WEEE recycling offers a major health risk to those involved and must be handled by thoroughly qualified personnel, such as those at Southport Waste.

Southport is a fully accredited WEEE recycler and a recognized waste management organisation, so you can be certain that your electronic waste is in good hands.

Look no further than Southport Waste for safe, effective, and trustworthy WEEE collection and recycling all over Southport and surrounding areas.

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